Delivering innovations from local communities to nation-wide carbon projects

As an end-to-end project developer, CarbonX makes informed decisions, manages risks, and maximizes the likelihood of successful outcomes. It provides higher accountability and a clear roadmap for transforming a concept to reality while ensuring that resources are allocated wisely and goals are achieved.

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Our Business Model

CarbonX carefully selects, funds and implements carbon credit projects that meet investment profile and criteria.

CarbonX partner ups with Local NGOs, government, communities, and business & microfinance to implements ranges of mitigation and adaptation programs to achieve high-impact projects with activities illustrated in the graphic.

  • Fire management program,including canal blocking (when applicable)
  • Reforestation and rehabilitation
  • Technology Innovations
  • Conservation and habitat management
  • Community based ecosystem conservation
  • Community health and education programs
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Once carbon credit project is implemented, we shall register and verify emission reduction of the project on global offsetting standard such as: National Registry System for Climate Change, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), The Climate Community & Biodiversity Standards, or Gold Standard.

Once certified, we sell carbon credits to potential buyers via carbon credit market or exchanges

Recent Projects